About Me

Hello! My name is Yuka. I'm a UX designer based in the SF Bay Area who loves coffee, flowers, board games, and camping. I lead design for AI-driven optimization products. I work in a wide variety of problem spaces ranging from business operations to employee mental health. I enjoy listening to the stories from users, making principled, data-driven design decisions, and creating delightful experiences between users and products. I am a quick learner and a self-starter who can work well under pressure. I love collaborating with cross-functional teams.


I was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in Japan. After graduating high school, I came back to the states to attend college. Speaking both languages and living in different countries has given me an international mindset and empathy for other cultures and people, and a deep understanding of how to communicate effectively and be an open-minded person.

Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Email. I would love to connect with you.